Sunday, October 22, 2006

How words come together

I was speaking with a friend today at lunch, Kathie W. She has shared that when she had discovered that the essence of her Path were the Lessons learned, the two words came together for me in my abstract pattern mind.

Path is at the Flow level of the IM and Lessons is at the Choice Level. I have Path at the center of my belief system on level 2. To me my Path is the way to know myself as a Divine Being. When two or more of you are together....that refers to the Holy Spirit moving through us and giving us each the information we need to know in the moment.

She then mentioned how the Lessons on the Path were the how the Game is played. I see all of this as a big game and we are trying to fogure out how to play it. We have to figure out the maps which are the playing Field (Flow level).

The IM tags certain words to watch where they come up in conversation or what you read on paper. how they come together gives certain clues as to how to place them together.

A while back I was reading a book by John Raulston Saul. He said that Economics was the prime filter before any other decisions were thought of. He then went on to say that Health, Education and Scientific considerations came second. All of the capitalized words are in the Harmony level of the IM.

What he translated to me was the the primary filter was ECONOMICS. It was at the center of the model. The other 3 perspectives were not considered until after Education, Health and Science. So if you made a tetrahedron with Economics at one point and the other 3 at the other you see how we as a culture think and filter information and energy.

All 4 words stood out because I have the HARMONY words memorized. I remember what was said because I made a map of it. It was huge because if you put Community first instead of Economics you have a different decision making structure.

This may sound simple or obvious but once you see the words as filters and lens instead of just abstract symbols representing who knows what yyour perceptions changes a bit. As you add more lens on from the other levels you start to siolate certain things that you may never have noticed before. (eg. Economic Infrastructure Path Lessons)

You start to build a language telescope.

So then when these words come up in conversation, or when you use them, its very interesting to hear what is said and see the relationship between the words. Once you have built and memorized your own holistic thinking system, you will see how your ability to communicate dramaticall transforms. You will actually have a reference point for what you are learning. You will keep which connects and discard that which intuitively doesn't feel right.

As you are communicating with other people using the same tool, your sharing of knowledge dramatically changes because you have an idea about what their operating system is structured like. In this way as we begin to realize that all of us have a unique way of perceiving the world.


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