Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Your Background Structure

Yesterday I was speaking with Alex who has come to The School of Holistic Living (formerly Dreamspace) to learn the Inflow Matrix. He asked for more of an explanation in regards to Exercise 1 where you make a map out of the Harmony cards. What is shared here is a reiteration of what was said.

There is a FIELD of energy (transmission field) generated when two or more beings come together to express their Divinity. In the Bible it says when two or more of you are gathered I am there. You can feel when the Holy Spirit is present. The information that comes through both people is meant for both people to hear.

As you get more people involved, the FIELD has a higher chance of being fractured due to the state of the people present. What your WORLDVIEW is has a great effect on the FIELD and what happens within it.

The Harmony cards were spread out on the floor. (24 cards). So how do you make a map? What you are attempting to do is to find a pattern of relationships where all the concepts will make sense together. The left hemisphere can process 7+/- bits of information so most people will go into overwhelm when confronted with too many pieces to a puzzle.

So you are looking for a structure to hang the pieces on. It might be a story, a metaphor, an object, a diagram, a picture, an image...to use as a background to see how the concepts come together.

At some point you are going to have to group some of the concepts together. Without giving away too much, you have to find what is similair and what is different. Your process of doing so is very important to watch. What words organized in what order becomes your model or map of seeing the world. We are looking at words that organize a society.

The original idea came from Bela Banathy who had 9 dimensions of an evolutionary design system. The words at this level are the parts of a society needed to evolve itself.

If you have just 10 words they can be put into 10x9x8x7x6x5x4x3x2x1 combinations....Thats 3,628,800 combinations that 10 words can be organized. You have 20 words in front of you. Yet the right hemisphere can handle that complexity and more. It just has to see the whole picture.

So how do you start? It's usually a good idea to start at the center. What is the central reference point of your map? The what branches off of it? How are your sub-components connected to the center? What is the nature of the sub components? What other abstract models are you bringing in? How universal are they? What is at the core of your own belief system?

What models do you use? Is it the 4 elements (fire, earth, air, water)? Is it the Father, Son & Holy Ghost? Is it the 7 chakras? Is it Time and Space? Is it God? Is it the Void? Is it Christ Consciousness? Is it Jesus Christ? Is it a well? Is it a Symbol of your Higher Self? Is it your Soul? Is it the Tree of Life? Is it a car? Is it the Unknown? Is it the Known? Is it the Force? Is it Love? Is it Freedom? Is it nothing at all?

You are mapping out your belief system. In order to find the background structure to put the Harmony Cards onto you have to look inside and see how you organize your abstract mind. This may be quite a challenge if you have never done it before.

Be ok with that.

Even if you have no idea what I am talking about, the process of organizing the cards into a pattern is a valuable one. 20 can be organized into 4 groups of 5. Which 5 concepts are you going to group together and why do they come together? What is the category that creates the connection between them? Thats a very important question.

You could have 1 concept in the middle and 6 groups of 3 and 1 concept outside everything. You could have two groups of 10 and a line drawn between them. You could put them all in a linear sequence. The key is the pattern has to make sense to you and you have to be able to explain it to someone else.

At some point you are going to realize that you are going to have to define the words....will you use the dictionary words or are you going to define them for yourself. Where do the definitions come from? And how are the definitions connected to how you organize the cards?

Sunday, October 22, 2006

How words come together

I was speaking with a friend today at lunch, Kathie W. She has shared that when she had discovered that the essence of her Path were the Lessons learned, the two words came together for me in my abstract pattern mind.

Path is at the Flow level of the IM and Lessons is at the Choice Level. I have Path at the center of my belief system on level 2. To me my Path is the way to know myself as a Divine Being. When two or more of you are together....that refers to the Holy Spirit moving through us and giving us each the information we need to know in the moment.

She then mentioned how the Lessons on the Path were the how the Game is played. I see all of this as a big game and we are trying to fogure out how to play it. We have to figure out the maps which are the playing Field (Flow level).

The IM tags certain words to watch where they come up in conversation or what you read on paper. how they come together gives certain clues as to how to place them together.

A while back I was reading a book by John Raulston Saul. He said that Economics was the prime filter before any other decisions were thought of. He then went on to say that Health, Education and Scientific considerations came second. All of the capitalized words are in the Harmony level of the IM.

What he translated to me was the the primary filter was ECONOMICS. It was at the center of the model. The other 3 perspectives were not considered until after Education, Health and Science. So if you made a tetrahedron with Economics at one point and the other 3 at the other you see how we as a culture think and filter information and energy.

All 4 words stood out because I have the HARMONY words memorized. I remember what was said because I made a map of it. It was huge because if you put Community first instead of Economics you have a different decision making structure.

This may sound simple or obvious but once you see the words as filters and lens instead of just abstract symbols representing who knows what yyour perceptions changes a bit. As you add more lens on from the other levels you start to siolate certain things that you may never have noticed before. (eg. Economic Infrastructure Path Lessons)

You start to build a language telescope.

So then when these words come up in conversation, or when you use them, its very interesting to hear what is said and see the relationship between the words. Once you have built and memorized your own holistic thinking system, you will see how your ability to communicate dramaticall transforms. You will actually have a reference point for what you are learning. You will keep which connects and discard that which intuitively doesn't feel right.

As you are communicating with other people using the same tool, your sharing of knowledge dramatically changes because you have an idea about what their operating system is structured like. In this way as we begin to realize that all of us have a unique way of perceiving the world.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Inflow Matrix Module 1 - The Start

After 11 years of work I am finally at the point of teaching what I have learned. A little while ago I burned a huge backpack of maps and papers, all of which I will probably wish I had kept, but I know it was the right thing to do. I had to clear room. I had to clean shop. I had to allow for whatever was true there within me to stay and let go of everything else.

This is a new blog specifically for The Inflow Matrix Holistic thinking/learning/creating/communicating system. A holistic system is supposed to do all of these things so I don't know which one to use, because all apply. A friend of mine, Charles Holmes, called it a Harmonic Guidance System and that may more appropriate.

Everything started in 1995 when I wrote these mission and vision statements:

Mission Statement:

To design, develop, implement and continually evaluate a fully integrated living system that transforms the way human beings interact from a fear-based culture to a love-based culture and is built to last at least seven generations.

Vision Statement:

Our vision is to develop a business system based upon universal principles that free individuals to learn, create, and communicate in ways that increase harmony to the whole they are part of.

This will be done through developing simple and practical tools that anyone can use to increase their self-knowledge in order to uncover the tremendous potential found within every being.

Organizations that use these tools will greatly increase their ability to contribute to global health. The synergy of creative energy produced by groups of people who share vision and values, will be used to find solutions to the challenges of our times.

Harmonic Thinking Systems (HTS) is an organization that takes care of the needs of its members and a place where love and health are recognized as needed ingredients for a profitable business and environmental care.

Since that start has been a story that is almost inconceivable to imagine. There has always been the metaphor of building a car in regards to the process of designing the Inflow Matrix. Slowly I found the pieces or the pieces were shown to me. First it was a trunk, then a rear view mirror and then a door. I would try to figure out what they were but it was impossible. But each time I thought I had it, that it was built and then I would run a round showing people asking people if they wanted to use the car I had built.

They would look at me kinda odd and keep walking.

As each new piece came about I'd try to stick them together in different ways. I'd put the rear view mirror in the trunk with the door on top. And then I would use it for awhile and see how it worked. Anyone watching thought I was nuts, for good reason.

Until the framework for the car came about, it was impossible to see how the parts fit together. I didn't know that until the framework (sacred geometry) came about. But even then there were different frameworks. How did it all come together? Not in 2 dimensions on paper, but multidimensionally in abstract space...your own personal noosphere?

Now you who are in this course are going to start to play around with the primary interface card set. Its a fascinating journey and you won't be alone. Who knows what you will discover. I have tasted a few things but I know the full banquet appears when there are many minds and hearts working on this together. Many blessings to you all...put on your seatbelts...Kansas is going bye bye.